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Vizio p502ui-b1e no picture! Help please!

I went to turn on my vizio p502ui-b1e the other day and it powered on and i could hear sound (digital antenna channel), but the screen was black. I then began cycling the inputs and tried to power cycle and unplug it with absolutely no picture. After doing this, it will power on but i have been unable to get any sound now (including the start up sound). I tried the flashlight technique, but couldn't make out any image at all. When i turn it on, the power idicator light in the botton left corner lights up and then slowly fades. I found the following video and it shows exactly what my tv is doing.

I ordered the eeprom from shopjimmy and took it to the electronic department at my work and had it replaced by a coworker. I then replaced the board, but it still has the same problem.

After more research, i am leaning towards replacing the led strips and led driver.

Do any of you have any insight on this? I would like some trouble shooting tips before blindly replacing part after part lol. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I am having the same problem. I replaced my power board today with another power board and still having the problem. I notice that after power power light fades away the V logo disappear shortly after but I can the plug for the optic cable is still lit. hopefully someone has a remedy soon.


i replaced the eeprom twice n all it did was go from being a black screen to a blue screen


Baking the main board works. Not sure for how long but fixed mine


I agree with someone else who said baking the main board works i’ve been doing it for almost a year now and never fails even though no one believes me. I put it on 375° F for 10 minutes


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brian smith since you already replaced the board (main board?) and EEPROM it stands to reason that this is a backlight array error. The other thing you want to do is to post an image of all of your boards with your question so that we can see what you see. Remember that even so you have no backlight you should still have sound. So take another look at the mainboard as well as the power board. measure the voltages on your power board and check where the power board connects to the main board.

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After posting this, i was doing more research when i realised i ordered the eeprom for model# p502ui-b1 while mine is a model# p502ui-b1e. I feel like an idiot, but hopefully this $15 part will be what fixes it. I am having the exact problem as in the youtube video i linked.

Yes, it is the eeprom on the main board.

I do not own a multimeter and am electrically retarded lol.

Thank you for the advice and your time. I will follow up when i get the correct eeprom soldered to the main board.

Should arrive thursday. If this does not fix it, i will move forward and post pictures.

Thanks again and have a good week


"am electrically retarded lol." no you are not. Shtuff happens to all of us. Let us know how it works out.


Okay, so i received the correct eeprom (i made sure it was the correct part this time lol) and had my coworker install it on the main board. I was hopeful this would fix it but it didn't. I tried to power it on but nothing. I held the power button for 1 min to reset the board but that didn't work. Basically back to square one.

My options:

Replace main board ($90)

Replace led driver, power board, tcon board ($60)

Replace led strips ($25)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Brian .. I am currently facing same problem with my TV. May I know what options you tried after above post and do you suggest me try replacing EEPROM .. Thanks


me too

i have this visio junk too

trying to salvage it


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I put the main in the oven 400 degrees fir 10 minutes .had not to lose been working ever since 4 months now

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it worked?

i may try it, since u202 eeprom only made power light blick more before fading off. i wonder if the blinking count is a trouble code?


Yeah it worked an still working


Tried it, and very surprised to see it work


No way, how did you not melt the plastic parts? Or keep the surface mounted components from falling right off on the bottom side?


I baked the board. Up and running again in 15 minutes


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Folks when ordering boards or parts make sure to look at the stickers on the board

they will give your revision. The board can have the same exact part number but the revision is different. I.e. Firmware updates. I had to learn the hard way.

One way to see if the power board is bad check the standby voltage 5vdc +- 1.5

if it’s not correct then it’s most likely bad. And a good visual inspection of the capacitors on the power board are swollen those are bad.

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I install good used power board

No 5v reading same as my power board. Main board issue?


Baked my main board for 20 minutes at 250 degrees. Tv up and normal who’d a thunk it


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