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RJ45 socket connector replacement EasyNote TH36-AU-00RIT PAWF7

Hi All!

I need to replace the RJ45 connector on this laptop, Packard Bell EasyNote TH36-AU-00RIT model no. PAWF7 but I'm unable to locate the manufacturer of the part.

The code printed over the shield seems not so usefull here in Europe.

Could you guys help me to find an alternative spare part to use for this work?

The pinout is 8P8C with staggered pins, angle mount with hole. The other 2 socket pins are on the front, past the middle of connector.

Thank you very much for your help!

Find attached some pics with dimensions.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (03/28/2018)

Hi guys,

thank you for your replies!

Already searched for Tyco connectors with no luck, this model seem to not exist anywhere, also on aliexpress (and alibaba too)..!

@avanteguarde I agree with you it would be easier and cheaper to use a USB to Eth adapter but the customer wants so badly his rj45 connector back. I post here a picture of the inside, but it's useless because one pin used on cross it's broken, the others from 2 to 7 are bented down..the only ones working are, in fact, 1 and 8. It needs a replacement.

Find attached also a picture of the pcb lifted up with solder pins exposed. I'm going crazy finding a connector with the same pins dimensions and position.

Block Image

Block Image

Thank you again for your help guys!

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Hi @focstech

looks like this is manufactured by Tyco

you might need to try your luck at aliexpress,

also take the picture of the back of the laptop PCB soldering joints.


Agreed! The pads will be what you'll need to reference and what pin of the connector it services. This is a standard connector but the pinouts and measures of the pinouts will be what you'll need to focus on so it matches the old part.


@focstech see my updated answer.


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Would it be easier, quicker and cheaper, to simply purchase a USB to Ethernet adapter?

Also, I used to repair RJ-45 jacks for a living. Can you post a picture, well-lit, of the INSIDE of the jack? Chances are you don't need to replace this. A lot of times pins 1 and 8 (first and last pins) are bent lower than the rest. If so, you can 'gently' use a paperclip to pry back the pins to either level with the others or slightly higher. This would resolve most issues.

If the customer insists on replacing the jack, the RJ45 is not hard to find as long as you are comfortable soldering. Here is the type you are likely lookin for.

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Hi @avanteguarde ! Thank you for your time, saw your link and it's the same i found while searching but, unfortunately, the through hole plastic pins are not compatible. I guess I only have two choices: buy them and modify palstic pins (but it would resoult in a weak jack, or find something similar to original ( mission impossible ) :D

I think I'll go for the ones you linked and I'll adapt them to seat on to the pcb. Thank you for your time, I owe you one! :)


@focstech my link was a 10-pack, so you have many opportunities to experiment. :-)

I think the plastic pins can easily be cut off using nail clippers.


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