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Does anyone know about the pats system and how to reset it...?

I have a 98 Lincoln Town Car that the pats system will not allow us to reset it we only have one key and the key is not reading and the alarm light is blinking on the dashboard really quick we tried doing the battery and key in ignition reset now the fuel pump stopped working as a safety I guess for it but im not taking it to a dealer just cant pay that for a car im trying to sell cause no use for it..... We checked the fuel pump thinking maybe it was bad but it works just fine when we checked to see how much electric was going to the fuel pump power-wise it was only getting 6 amps instead of 12 amps I believe we checked all the fuses everything is fine there we checked the battery to make sure it was fine what else is there to do please help need suggestions and I'm not stupid neither is my other half we are mechanically inclined so don't treat me like a child or girl please dont comment unless you can actually help thanks so much!!!!

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This is a technical service bulletin put out by Ford on their PATS system. It covers your car. But you need to know what generation your system is, and what codes if any the car has thrown to determine what your problem is. If you have an early gen system you may be able to do the reset with one key, but since you've tried that and it doesn't work, you most likely have a later version and will need a dealership or similar tool. Look over the TSB though and see if you get any joy from it.

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