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Second generation phone released in November 2012. Available in stealth black or polar white / 32 or 64 GB / micro sim card / no sd card slot. Model #PM63100

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battery discharge very fast

When i charge my phone and complete charging then when i started to use my phone

it is immediately shut down

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Hi mfshahri, could you solve your problem?


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@maxnet ….either one of two thing is happening. your phone goes into a charging state but is not actually supplying voltage to your battery or your battery has dead cells and is not actually taking a charge. you can test which one it is by verifying the voltage is travelling from your charging port to your battery terminal. if the voltage is there, change your battery. if not, start troubleshooting your charging port circuit. here is some basic troubleshooting guides for your phone:

HTC One X+ Troubleshooting

you can also test your battery to see if its short or taking a charge by reading its internal voltage at different intervals while charging.

Technique - Testez la batterie

hope this helps. post back here for any further assistance

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Thank you very much. For me it was the battery. As I swapped it, it works again.


good to hear. good job.


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