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Repair guides and support for USB flash drives, also known as jump drives or thumb drives.

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Try to swipe nand chip on working PCB

Hi Guys,

I have an issue, I have a very important usb key on which I want to recover data,

I know to do that I have 2 option : -Use a nand adapter to computer (SD often)

Or to swipe the nand chip on another usb pcb

The issue I have is I can't manage after deep search to exactly identify the socket of this chip, the manufactor don't want to provide me this information

It is a SK Hynix chip, I supose E2NAND 64Gb (the ref of the usb key is GOODRAM twister 3.0 64Gb)

The socket looks like the LGA60 (of many iphone chip), but there some difference on some points,

Is it the right information ?

So is the adapter will manage to read the chip ?

If I want to swipe the cheap on another usb pcb, I need to reball it, but I didn't manage to find another stencil than LGA60, with some difference,

So Should I only fill the right whole ? or if there no contact, with the flux and the paste, put paste in all the whole of the stencil is not a problem ?

Here some picture :

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Thanks in advance for the time and help you will give me

I am sorry to be a newbie and speak bad english, all my apologies for that



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@azarkhan - I tried to post your images, sadly you listed the same image three times!

Here's how to post directly: Ajout d'images à une question existante


The 3rd image is a bit out of focus can you do it again. Did you already pull the chip off?


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The problem with recovering data from a flash drive (USB drive in this instance) is not the NAND but the controller. Removing the NAND and putting it in a reader will not get you your data back. Everything is scrambled inside the NAND and only by recreating the controller map will you be able to get the actual data.

You have two options here:

  1. If you have an identical USB drive...and I mean IDENTICAL, then you could either swap the NAND to the identical drive or swap the NAND and controller to the identical and known-good USB drive.
  2. Remove the NAND but it must be read by a specialized tool that can recreate the controller map. Not every controller is supported and these readers/software are hugely expensive. For a one-off data recovery, it is more cost effective to have it done by a professional.

Post a picture of the controller IC, clear enough that we can read the marking on the IC. Then send me a shoutout by including my username (@refectio) or post a comment to this answer and I will let you know if that controller can me emulated or not.

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@refectio Thanks a lot for your answer, I just edited the post with the picture as you suggested.

I think the better way will to swipe the nand from thekey with the dead pcb to a new usb key with a good one (it is easy for me to find a new one, and so much cheaper)

I think to heat with gun the nand on both usb key to remove nand, to reball the nand with stencil and solder ball or tin paste and hot that on the new usb pcb.

Do you think it will work and it's the better way ?

Thanks again



@azarkhan - As @refectio pointed out you need the exact same USB unit otherwise it won't work.


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if it is so important, send it to Luis Rossman. he has a channel on yt. if anyone, he should be able to help

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