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What is the best way to oil a mouse scroll wheel?

I have a mouse with a bit of a scroll wheel issue, as it will squeak every now and then, and is a little sluggish. What would be the best way to oil it? Would WD-40 work?

Thanks in advance!

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WD-40 would not be a good idea. It is probably lint and fibers collecting on the wheel's axel. Most mice are easy to disassemble, there may be covers over the screws on the bottom of the mouse. Once the axel is clean then it should be able to move in its sockets without any need for oil.

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You think that could cause the squeaking as well?


I would say so.


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Usually and very small "dab" of 3 in 1 oil with a Q-tip will do.

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When you say oil, what do you mean by that? (I know this question is old, but the issue persists)


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