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A 23-inch touchscreen All-in-One powerhouse PC put out by HP that is intended for business and home uses. The HP product number for this device is: #K1K41UT#ABA

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How do I replace the monitor for this item?

I broke the monitor and I dont see a how to on here why?

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Explain "broke" please? (Like, what did you do and what are the effects now)

And if you mean a repair guide by "how to", iFixIt does offer a repair guide for a large amount of products, which includes the HP EliteOne 800 G1, but sadly we don't have an LCD Replacement Guide for this one according to what I know.

(Though if you have a replacement LCD and enough time I'd be happy to assist you, but you'd need the required tools to replace it however (T15 Torx Screwdriver and a 64 bit driver kit would be recommended))


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Michael Vaden (Vader) download the service manual for your computer from here. Follow the directions on page 97 to remove the display panel.

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