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Le smartphone phare de 2017 de Huawei. Sorti en mars 2017. Il est doté d'un boîtier unibody et d'une double caméra arrière, développée en partenariat avec Leica. Disponible avec des options de stockage de 32/64 Go et six finitions différentes. Numéros de modèle VTR-L09, VTR-L29, VTR-AL00, VTR-TL00.

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Fingerprint sensor is overheating

Hello. I own a Huawei p10 and recently it fell out of my pocket and landed on its screen. Luckily it had its cover on and got a scratch on the upper left corner. Everything seems to be working fine until later on the day I noticed that the fingerprint sensor (glass) was unusually hot. I didn't notice it before but are finger print sensors warm to touch? Also the finger print sensor is working fine, it responds as default and a also enrolled a new fingerprint ID just to see if it's working, and it did. So anyone can tell me it will be okay or am I just worrying too much? Thanks

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I have this problem too.

This problem showed 3-4 days ago.

Fingerprint senosr area i very hot when i just use my phone normaly.

I instal CPU-Z and my soc_thermal was 52C.

Do you fix a problem?


The fingerprint sensor is still hot but it hasn't affected my phones performance. I am still using it normally and I don't think opening the phone right now would be a good option.


I am in the same situation,. The fingerprint sensor is burning hot after a sudden fall. Luckily no scratches in the front screen. But the sensor has a bit in the mid back portion. Service centers are more than miles away from our province. Already restarted but the fingerprint sensor is not working it just work for on and of now. Hope it won't cause anymore trouble.


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I say don't worry.

Others might disagree

I know on iPhones the Fingerprint sensor is directly above the charging port so the charging port is overheating,

In your case (I don't know where the sensor is to be fair), try rebooting it, and see if no other component is causing the overheating.

If it gets worse over time, replace the component that causes the overheating,

or take it to a repair shop.

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Thank you :)


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My phone also fell out of my poket and the screen was slightly cracked, fingerprint scanner didn’t work anymore but mostly, the area of the sensor got very hot.

While the phone was still very much usable, except for the fingerprints, the battery life was very short due to the constant heating. It would not even last a day on a full charge while not being used much.

I brought the phone to a repair center where they swapped the whole display assembly. (glass, LCD, fingerprint sensor) Now it works perfectly fine again and the battery life is also good (~2days).

I hope this helps

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Is the fingerprint sensor still hot/warm to touch after the replacement? Thank you for the response.


But the phone is that still under warranty? Because currently I have faced same problem and already reboot the phone so many times and even reset the factory set.


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