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Released June 2015 Android OS, v5.1 8 or 16GB storage, microSD card slot

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Why I have full bricked with a stock rom flash? lol (J500FN j5 2015)

ENG: I have an j500fn full bricked, qdloader 9008, i can't see partition of the device(I followed some guides but I could not..), tried unbrick image and other tool, (yes, i tried usb jig)

ITA: ho un j5 full brickato, qdloader9008, non posso vedere le partizioni del telefono(ho seguito alcune guide ma non ci sono riuscito) ho provato delle unbrick image, e altri tool (si ho provato anche la usb jig)

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What is your phone doing? Just boot-looping?

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No, no download mode, no recovery, no power on, nothing, only qdloader 9008


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write this img in sd card

need win32diskimager-1.0.0-install.exe

link img file :!JChUlbCZ!hsTBk28Ag7tK...

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