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La Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), ou simplement Super Nintendo, est une console de jeu 16 bits lancée par Nintendo en 1990. La Super Nintendo était l'une des meilleures ventes de son époque et compte encore aujourd'hui beaucoup de fans.

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Displays only black and white when turned on.

I turned on my SNES yesterday after a long period of it not being used and I found it only displays in black and white. Ive tried different cables, RF and AVI output, different games, cleaning the games, and trying to clean the contacts in the SNES. Nothing has helped. I read the post that was already here from a while back and it looks like I already attempted what that person recommended. Does anyone know what would cause my SNES to only output in black and white on a color television? Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated.

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It sounds to me like there's problem with a pin in the display connector port on the SNES itself. If you've had it in storage, the copper connector may have oxidized, which will put a green-ish coating on it (like the Statue of Liberty). This will disrupt connectivity between the connector and the cable. This doesn't happen often under normal conditions, as the contacts are treated to resist oxidation, but long-term storage in a non-climate-controlled location can still cause such issues.

If this is the case, the contact may be cleanable, but you'll have to be careful not to damage it. There isn't a suitable guide for this part of the system yet and my own SNES is still in storage.

It's also possible the connector port was damaged. I find this less likely, but you should be able to tell by looking at it.

Take a closer look and let me know what you find.

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Where should I be looking to find this?


On the back of the unit. It's the port where you plug in the AVI and RF adapters.


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