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Le Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) est un smartphone milieu de gamme de la série des Galaxy A. Il a été présenté par Samsung en février 2017 en même temps que les Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) et A7 (2017).

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Why is my charging time become slower?

..I have been replacing replacing the battery of my phone (samsung a3 2017) ,yes I opened and replacing it by myself . I think that my phone charging time become slower (using usb type c) and my battery hour is little bit improving ,altough not as long as purcashing new phone . How can i fix it to be charging faster and more longlasting battery?

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@cidakada first thing you want to do is to try and charge it on an AC charger versus a USB and see if that makes a difference. The other issue here is that your battery may still need to be condition etc. You also have not told us what the real difference in time is. Remember that no two batteries are the same so you will have some variations with this.

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