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A white Compact refrigerator with separate freezer and refrigerator compartments.

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Chemical smell coming from refrigerator and freezer!

What can give off a chemical smell from freezer similar to burning plastic or something. There was never anything old in there and I've removed everything and placed into our second refrigerator a few days ago and still smell it. Maybe it's a refrigerant leak? It's been like this for a week so I would think that the refrigerant would be gone by now. It cools and works fine but has a strong chemical odor.

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If it smells like nail polish remover, it is a freon leak.

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Sorta smells like that. Then why is it not warming and still just as cold for almost 2 weeks now?


It will keep cooling just like a home central air conditioner. It just has to run harder and longer. There will come a point, when it has leaked enough that it will no longer cool. I have to top up my freon in my home air conditioner at the start of every summer. Just did it last week. It took a pound and a half this year.


mine smells like is only a year old! Do I call a repairman? Or is there something I can do to stop it?


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