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iPhone 6s home button flex cable issue

Hi guys and girls,

I'm running into an issue with iPhone 6s screen which I accidentally broke its home button flex while i was repairing (refurbish) the screen, the screen is working fine and 3D touch is working but home button is not and have test my home button on other screens and it's working so the issue is actually with the home button cable on the screen , I know it's can be replaced with changing the backlight, I only want to replace the first layer from the backlight, the problem is I need to order one and wait for at least 3 weeks, I'm going to tear it down and try to take one from other screen, has anyone done it?

Thanks in advance

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what do you mean the home button can be replaced by changing the backlight


you mean the cable inside the screen or homebutton small flex?


Thanks Ben that's what cable I meant, I never changed screens backlight as I just started refurbishing but anyways thanks for you reply


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He is talking about the home button extension cable that goes with the backlight layer of the screen.

Taking one from a known bad screen isn't a bad idea, it should be the same process as refurbishing a screen.

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