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My battery won't charge even if it shows charging icon.

I have MyPhone (kind of Caterpilar ripoff unremovable battery, water and shock resistant). It has 5000mAh battery. Phone was bought this year in January. I was charging my phone overnight and when I woke up there was 24%. I immediately checked adapter if it was plugged in electrical outlet. I was charging it for another 30minutes from outlet but nothing. Then I left house so I'm trying to charge it from my PowerBank. I didn't try another adapter but as I said I tried PowerBank. I didn't try another cable. It discharges normally. (BTW I'm from Slovakia sorry for bad English. THANKS for any answer. (I have heard about iFixit from LinusTechTips videos :D ))

And i figured out thet when its plugged in it won't discharge but it won't charge either, like it has not enough power to charge but only to keep alive on certain percentage.

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Hi Marek the problem is probably your battery maybe it leaks, this has happened to me before i am using xiaomi note and my phone leaked too it shows my battery still has 80% but then shut down randomly.

Now i dunno what MyPhone is, sorry never heard of it but try to find out what your battery's type then try to replace it as for guides i dont know. Sorry


Thanks for any answer, in case that I need to replace battery I must sent it to some service becouse this phone is shut and won't open traditional way becouse of water resistant feature.


Hi Marek,

I would strongly suggest trying a different charging cable. When you plug it in, does the phone show it is plugged in?


Thanks it's all good it charged to 100% again with no problems with same cable. I think it was caused by some passive apps that drained battery(I uninstalled a lot of apps.) and it discharged same amount that it charged.


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Phone just raised from 23 to 24 % in turned off state I think turned on was too much load for it I think its good sign an this problem was probably one of those shenanigans that my phone does time to time. For example:

  • Clocks stop working
  • Download drops to 10Kb/s
  • etc.

I recommend this phone if you have patience and you love unexpected events :D :D

It does this becouse its not well known brand and as i said it copy's Caterpilar and other hardly destructible phones.

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