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A white Compact refrigerator with separate freezer and refrigerator compartments.

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Side by side refrigerator GE model gss20iemdcc

This is complex. The freezer is work fine the refrigerator side is not getting cold. The baffle will open for a short time but not long enough to cool the refrigerator side. The heater defrost was replaced and the control board on the back of the refrigerator also replaced the control to make it hot of colder. The evaporator fan is working. Compressor fan under the refrigerator is working. The tech come out test the control board it was ok. Checked the wiring I side the refrigerator. That was ok. So what can this be.

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The baffle or flapper is ok. It will open and close but not stay open long enough to cool fridge. That is the problem. So far 3 tech have no clue what the cause is. The model is Gss20iemdcc. Thank you


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The air damper, baffle or diffuser is the device that balances the air flow from the evaporator fan housing. This normally is a mechanically controlled baffle or flapper that controls the amount of cold air entering the fresh food compartment. If the baffle is damaged or the linkage to the control knob is damaged, then you may not have enough cold air entering the fresh food compartment resulting in higher than normal temperatures. This baffle or damper will be located where the cold air enters the fresh food compartment.

The housing that the baffle or damper is encased in is often made of plastic with a Styrofoam lining and may have a foam seal to prevent air leakage. Care should be used when inspecting the housing to avoid damage to the seal or the Styrofoam. Locate the baffle/damper and operate the control knob to verify that the linkage is intact and that it moves freely. If the damper/baffle is stuck in the closed or nearly closed position or does not move freely, then it should be replaced. Some refrigerator models use a temperature sensing bulb attached to this control that will automatically adjust the control for changes in the interior temperature. Make sure that the sensing bulb is in the correct position and is not damaged.

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Hi @ dragonpuff69,

The "control to make it hotter or colder" was it called a temperature sensor?

If it was something else then there's a temperature sensor part #241 in the fridge section. The actual part

Presumably its' function is to "tell" the control board what the temp is and the control board reacts accordingly. Either to keep baffle open to get temp to correct temp or to close baffle as temp is correct and not to make it too cold.

The techs should know what the resistance reading of the sensor should be at what particular temperature (it's probably only a thermistor - resistor that varies its' resistance proportional to temperature, Ohms/degree of temp) and should have measured it at various temps to ensure that it is OK. They may have done this at the control board end of the sensor wiring connection.

Just a thought.


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as i had stated it is a side by side not like the picture. it makes it own ice and has a water dispenser. if i defrost the freezer the baffle will open once the fridge gets to 40 degrees the baffle closes. once the coils start to ice the baffle stays closed. all 3 of the temp sensors was replaced thermostat replaced, motherboard replaced, heat defroster replaced, temp control in the fridge for freezer and fridge replaced (has the knobs on) 3 tech have looked at this know one knows what the cause is. to some it up no this didn't fix the problem

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It appears that the problem is that the baffle doesn't open at temps >45 degrees. F.

My understanding is that the temperature of the fridge section of most fridges should ideally be between 33 - 40 deg F, as you don't want the food to freeze or get above 41 degrees F, so closing the baffle at 40 degrees seems a little high but within the range, as no more cold air is allowed into the fridge to drive the temp down to 32 deg F or less.

You say that it operates OK when the coils have been defrosted so presumably the temp is higher than 41 degrees in the fridge. (At temps >45 deg. F the baffle should be open (or opening) again to allow cold air in to drive the temp down in the fridge).

(Not sure on this as the control board may be set to only open the baffle when the temp reaches a higher set temp of perhaps 45+ deg. to prevent baffle continually opening / closing near the max desired fridge temp of 41 deg. F)

Has the baffle been checked that it is not "sticking" closed when the temp is > 42-45 deg. F, without defrosting the coils?

I realize that the boards and sensors have been replaced but I'm suggesting that the actual operating path for the baffle be checked out to ensure that it is being opened when the temp reaches 45+ degrees F.


there is no adjustment on the motherboard it is built-in to the board for temp control. the motherboard was replaced with the same model. At this point i took the new motherboard out and put the old one back in and got the same results. that was after taking it to a tech to check the old motherboard for problems. so i know its not the motherboard as was told earlier. what i have found is that the relay maybe the problem or the run capacitor that the compressor may run intermittent or not at all that will also affect the motherboard as well as the fridge. To answer your question yes the baffle has been tested. the 4th tech come out just to check, that checked ok, that is was work correctly. when i ask him about the compressor he said it could be what i stated earlier. but if it was he wouldn't have the parts, he would have to order them witch could take a few days. i told him with all the new parts i have already in it i'll just get them an put them in myself. it's not that hard.


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