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2015 Vespa Primavera 150

My wife rides a 2015 Vespa Primavera 150. Over the winter the battery went dead and will not hold a charge. Is there a battery upgrade from the standard acid battery? Like lithium ion or any other that you can think of?

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@americancj7 no because the charging circuitry would have to be different. In your case for now I'd replace the battery with a new one. It is most likely shorted out and thus does not hold a charge. If you are really handy you could most certainly build one out of capacitors but this will depend on your abilities and potentials to getting the right parts.

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If replacing the battery dosen’t solve your problem then you could have a problem with the voltage regulator if your battery dosen’t hold charge. Try to see if that is not faulty and replace it.

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