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part number or source for 'High Definition 1920x1200' lcd

there is an install guide on this site for replacing the stock 1440x900 lcd with a higher resolution unit.

this sounds great!

unfortunately i can't see any reference to the make / model / part number / source for this replacement LCD.

any ideas?

thanks in advance.

alex kent.

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I second this question.


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The pre-unibody 15" MacBook pro as well as most of the 15" unibodies were only offered with one resolution, 1440x900. However, the 1920x1200 screen you speak of is an option on most generations of the 17" model. If you had a non high res 17" you would be able to upgrade to a high res screen, but the 15" doesnt have that luxury.

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The Apple supplied display for the A1150 is 1440x900.

In the install guides for this model on this website there is a guide to installing a 1920x1200 display.

I assumed that someone had found a compatible higher resolution panel which they had retrofitted to their 15", and thus made the guide.

Is the guide a 'red herring' and actually no such display exists?

If so the guide should be removed from this site.


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