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Sorti en juin 2017, l'iPad Pro 10,5" remplace l'iPad Pro 9,7"

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Can I solder to this half broken pad

See photo:

This is a connector for an Ipad Pro charging port. I am replacing this however, when I took the old one off half of this pad came off..

Can I solder to this pad with majority of it gone or do I have to run a jumper? I am just learning so please have some mercy. Thank you!

Block Image

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@smitty1510 yes you can but you better be good at it. No room for fudging and you only have one chance.

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@oldturkey03 I need to run a jumper... No schematic or BV available for this model. Not on ZXW either... Any Ideas? How can I find out where to run the jumper?


@smitty1510 there is no way unless you have the schematic.


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