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Is it repairable and what could be the problem? Not keeping temp.

I’m wondering what may be happening to stop the freezer from keeping temp.

It’s a scientific deep freezer. It is supposed to and has keep at -80C before but now only keeps -70 to -72 C. Is it possible it isn’t exhausting properly in the back? Anyway, I’m just curious what the problem could be.

Thanks in advance!!! :)

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@skydiving that is quite a freezer! Let me guess, you are not keeping your Steaks in there. That beast is cold at -94 deg F.

It will help if you can find a proper make and model for this freezer. Most common faults for this could be a a faulty temperature controller, faulty relays, worn compressor fan, poor air circulation, and not enough refrigerant. Check the freezer temp with a separate thermometer to make sure that the unit's thermometer shows the proper temps. Since there is only a relatively small amount of variance, I'd go with checking proper airflow first. Let us know what you have checked.

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Make sure that the coils are clean and free from dust, lint, and other problems. The coils serve as heat exchangers - they remove heat from inside the box, thereby lowering temp to the desired level. If the coils are not clean, they won't be able to remove as much heat as if they are clean.

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