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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Vertical coloured lines no sound


I'm having trouble with my Sega Game Gear. When the unit is powered up the red power light illuminates however the screen only displays verticle coloured lines across two thirds of the screen from the left. The remaining third is black. There is also no sound.

Any idea what the problem might be ? Is it repairable?

Thank you



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I would guess this is also a capacitor issue, or possibly a bad LCD screen.

You should try it out with other games as well of course.

Capacitors go bad over time and they affect screen and sound and needs to be replaced.

You can find good guides now if you google it, does require solvering thought.

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Thank you Erik, I'll try changing the capacitors.

PS I have tried other games it's exactly the same...

Thank you once again




Your welcome, Good luck with the cap change!


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