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Le Sony Xperia Z5 est équipé d'un écran de 5,2 pouces et à 1080 x 1920 pixels, d'un processeur Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, d'une RAM de 3 Go et d'une caméra arrière de 23 MP.

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My Xperia Z5 premium doesn't turn on, and the red led flashing

gents, please help me how to fix my mobile phone.

my Xperia Z5 premium doesn't turn on, and the red led flashing while plug the USB cable.

force restart and power with volume keys not work.

also, tried to use Xperia Companion but unfortunately my phone not able to contact with the PC.

do anyone has any idea about what's happening?

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Battery over discharged or given up. Have you plugged it in and left it for maybe an hour or so? Also try another charger/ cable if you can. If the phone is 2 or 3 years old the battery may need to be replaced.


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I had a similar issue, couldnt fastboot, POWER+VOLUME KEYS did nothing for me. Changing the chargers had different effects from red flashes, 3 red flashes and at times white sony screen flashes.

So I took it to the local shop and when they opened up the back cover, they found out that the battery connector had come loose. After pressing it back in, the phone was back.

Hope this helps someone.

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Did you tried turning it on, on fastboot?

-Just press the volume down (No power button)

-Plug the phone into the computer while pressing that key

A blue light should turn on

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yes i did but no response


You never got the phone wet? (I know the z5 is waterproof, but sometimes the seal fails).


that's never happened mate


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Just had the same issue.

Tried to charged using powerbank, as I thought charging from power outlet didn't work. FAIL.

Then i opened the simcard cover, pressed the yellow button & power button at the same time for couple of seconds. maybe 3-4 seconds. Last one, put it on charging cable.

Voila, it charges & back to life.

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