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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 2. Annoncé le 22 octobre et lancé le 12 novembre 2013. L'iPad mini 2, également connu sous le nom de mini iPad avec écran Retina, a tous les pixels de l'iPad Air dans un plus petit 7.9 " format.

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iPad Mini 2 Getting hot after Digitizer replacement

Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced the same issue I am having. The original digitizer was cracked on my mini 2 retina by my wife. I ordered and replaced the digitizer from one from iFixit. That digitizer died after a year of use so I got a new one via warranty. After installing the new digitizer the back of the iPad now gets hot with use, where the logic board is located. Does anyone have an idea what would cause this?

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Have you already sealed the digitizer? If not, then I would double check the steps by following the guide. You may have damaged the connectors, or pinched the flexes on the digitizer. I would also inspect the battery connector and surrounding components.

If the iPad seems hotter than normal, it's because something is drawing excessive current. This could be a bad modular component or it could be a logic board issue.

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I have not sealed the digitizer, It actually cracked because the flex was not aligned properly. The top left corner of the digitizer stuck to the frame and when I was trying to adjust the flex cable I lifted too far and cracked it. I have a replacement coming so I am going to be extra careful installing this one. I may have kinked the flex or something. I am going to go over everything with a fine-toothed comb, or my stereo microscope. I am probably going to get one of those digitizer tester cables so I can see if in fact it was the broken digitizer that was causing the heat issue.


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