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Guides de réparation et support pour les smartphones produits par Doogee.

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New to phone repair, need to replace screen on Doogee Mix 2.

I recently busted up the screen on my Doogee Mix 2 and I was wondering what kind of tools I would need to replace it and where to buy them. I'm not entirely sure how to take it apart and I assume its a similar process to the Xiaomi Mix and Mix 2 but I'd still like some advice. The LCD portion of the screen still works I just need to change out the glass part I cracked. I'm going into this expecting to possibility mess it up as it is my first repair and I'm prepared to order a new device if I kill this one by mistake.

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I have found a potential matching replacement screen for your phone on eBay:

If you have any model numbers or can compare the screen ribbon cable and the screen itself it would be good to do so to avoid ordering the wrong model screen for your phone.

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Thanks for the link to the part, would you happen to know what tools are needed to open up the phone?


Phillips head screw driver (00 or 000 size will do), razor blade or metal spudger to unclip the midframe.

Going to need some screen adhesive as most screens don't come pre-applied with adhesive on them.

I use either PET red double sided transparent heat resistant tape on eBay or Tesa 4695 which are practically the same but the 4695 is stronger adhesive.


If you're new to phone repair and need to replace the screen on a Doogee Mix 2, here's a concise step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process:

Prepare: Gather all necessary tools including a replacement screen, screwdriver set, plastic opening tools or spudger, heat gun or hair dryer, tweezers, adhesive (if not included), and isopropyl alcohol.

Turn Off: Power off the phone to ensure safety during the repair.

Back Cover: Gently remove the back cover using plastic opening tools, releasing any clips or adhesive.

Battery Disconnection: Carefully disconnect the battery to prevent accidental electrical connections.

Remove Screen: Lift and remove the broken screen from the phone.

Battery Connection: Reconnect the battery securely.

Back Cover: Snap the back cover back in place, pressing along the edges for a secure fit.

Testing: Power on the phone to test the new screen's touch responsiveness and display quality.

More details:


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I’ve just replaced the power board on a Doogee Mix 2. The most stressful part is removing the back. Unless you are really good at it I would buy a new back cover and a new set of patch antennas from Aliexpress before you start. The back cover is about $6 and the patch antennas about $5.

Disassembly is the usual process of heating the back of the phone, ideally with a temperature controlled heat mat but you can use a heat gun if you are careful. With a very thin spudger you can pry the back cover away from the phone very gently, the glass will probably crack. Pry only in the lower half of the back cover. When you have enough room, insert some plastic shims (such as plastic playing cards) and use them to cut through the glue. On the Mix2 the battery is glued to the back cover, so you will have to be very careful to cut the glue between the battery and the back cover before lifting the back covery very much otherwise you will damage the cable connecting the battery to the motherboard.

Unless you are very careful you will damage the patch antennas at the top of the phone but these can easily be replaced.

Once the back is removed, unscrew the black plastic cover at the top of the phone (note one screw almost hidden by the camera bezel) and carefully lift it off, being sure to separate the fingerprint sensor so that the cable does not get damaged. You can now unplug the battery which you should do before attempting to replace anything else.

To replace the lower (charging) board, remove the screws at the bottom of the phone and carefully lift up the black plastic cover. Underneath you will find a small circuit board. Take a photo before proceeding further. Unplug the antenna jack on the left and the flat cable in the middle, unsolder the four separate wires and very carefully lift the board out before installing the replacement board, soldering the four wires back on in the same positions. and plugging in the antenna and flat cable.

Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly, except you will need some glue to attach the back cover (hopefully the original but probably the replacement if the original broke when you removed it). Aliexpress sell various glues with names like P6000 and P7000. Apply very sparingly to the edge of the cover only and avoid the antenna areas.

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Please where or how did you buy the circuit board? I have a Doogee shoot 1 that has charging problem and I want to change the board, the trouble is, I cannot find where to buy it.


The only place I've managed to find parts is on Aliexpress. If they don't have it then you may be out of luck.


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