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6.1 megapixels, ISO 200-1600, DX format, 1.5x field of view crop

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Front control wheel D70s

Yesterday, while shooting in AP mode, I realised the front wheel would not change the aperature? I think the wheel is a little hard to turn, cna I repair this at home? Or is it a MAJOR problem??

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pcarlin, not knowing your skill level or how comfortable you are with the small stuff, I allowed myself to upload the complete service manual with adjustments as well as the parts-list on my fileserver right here download it and take a look through it and see what you think. Good Luck and let us know who it is going.

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hope you don't mind but i downloaded it too! you never know when i'll find one to fix. cheers, jen


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I just bought a Nikon 5100 and my thumb aches from turning the wheel! Can I loosen it? Do you know if it is possible? I would like to know if I can do this without reading an entire service manuel. Does anybody out there know how to fix this?

thank you!!


Hi OldTurkey03,

Thank you This was my first post ever on a board.

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Linda has generated her own question--this no longer needs to be switched.


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