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Never used = battery dead?

I am about to sell an unused iPod Nano 3rd generation and I am wondering wether I should expect a complaint like "Battery cannot be charged, I want my money back!"

Any ideas?


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Have you tried switching it on or charging it? To be completely honest and up-front I'd suggest you at least try it. After a number of years it's quite possible the battery has gone into deep discharge. A protection circuit may have saved the battery from permanent harm and may be reviveable with an extended charge. I'd be inclined to put it on charge for 24 hours then see whether it turns on (with or without the charger connected), then advertise it with a frank assessment. A purchaser can't then complain.

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Hi @linarte ,

Be up front when you advertise it.

State something like "Ipod Nano 3, never used, battery won't charge".

Most people who are interested will realize that replacing the battery will probably solve the problem or you could even point that out in your ad - probably only requires a new battery

Factor in the cost of a replacement battery (here’s an example)into your asking price, as this is what potential buyers will be doing, i.e. is it worth paying your asking price + the price of a new battery or not?

If you wish you could also point out that there is an Ipod nano 3 battery replacement guide available on ifixit which should be of some help to them.

Just some thoughts.

Image iPod nano (3rd Gen) Battery


iPod nano (3rd Gen) Battery


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