Pirate cartridge (53-in-1) not showing screen (only black screen).


I have a few Game Gear units and have had my first for over 20 years now.

The thing is I have a 53-in-1 cartridge which used to run fine, but exclusively on my first GG unit (all the other GG units wont run it).

I thought that it was just some piracy protection but then I did a capacitor change it and found out that it now too "can't run" the 53-in-1 (only sound work).

It's been a while since I fiddled around with them now so I can't remember for certain that I don't have another GG unit that can run it, but I do have two 53-in-1 cartridges as well so it's not the cartridge itself.

How is it possible that the change of capacitors can matter when trying to run the 53-in-1?

Does anyone know anything about what matters and what makes a GG unit capable of running piracy cartridges or not?

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