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Modèle A1312 / Mid-2011 / processeur 2.7 & 3.1 GHz Core i5 ou 3.4 GHz Core i7, ID iMac12,2

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Power button loose/no response


The power button on my 27" 2011 iMac is loose/non-responsive. Since I do not feel any pressure from it (it can actually slide behind the casing a bit and get stuck there), it seems to be broken. I am looking in how to replace it. A lot of info on replacing the power supply, but nothing on the button itself.

Update (06/24/2018)

Thanks Dan, this helped a lot. I followed all steps to 32. After that I had to disconnect the drive and was able to remove the logic board (carefully). Then I removed the fan and the left speaker. Behind that the actual power button is hidden. I used a hairdryer to soften the glue and was able to loosen the button from the casing (see picture)

Block Image

The cause of my problem was that the metal ring that is situated between the button and the switch, was shifted (see picture).

Block Image

This hindered the button from actual reaching the switch. I centered the metal ring, out the button and switch back on the casing and reheated the glue. Firmly pushing it to make sure it stays in plays. Then I reassembled the Mac, and was able to turn it on. All in all a job of 2,5 hours.

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The button is glued to the main shell. I’ll suspecting its now become detached since you can slide it under. I’ve only seen this happen one time with all of the systems I’ve fixed. You’ll need to re-apply the part as you’ll have a hard time replacing it so use care here.

Getting to the button housing is a big job as its hidden under the left speaker which means you need to pull the logic board out as well as the the CPU fan before you can even get to it.

While not impossible, its just a very big job, you might want to let someone with more experience deal with this that taking it on your self (if this is your first time). In any case plan out your space as it’s going to take a bit and you’ll need to wait till the glue dries before putting things back together.

We don’t have a guide to to fully remove the logic board but this guide will get you mostly there: Installation d'un second disque dur (HDD ou SSD) dans l'iMac Intel 27" EMC 2429. Follow the guide to Step32, then on the next Step we are disconnecting the SATA & power cables of your drive continuing the boards removal.

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Very helpful Dan. See my update on how I solved the issue.


Great news! If you're upto it why don't you spin your stuff into a guide or technique for others to see how to deal with this.


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I've done everything describe in the solution. The button is now repaired and I can turn on the computer. BUT no picture on the display :(

I've checked the 4 connections between the computer and the display, unconnect and reconnect them, but still no picture :((

Please help, give ideas

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Please start a new question as your new problem is no longer about a power button


I did what you suggested but there has been no answer :( can you help?


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