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Série d'ordinateurs portables HP Pavilion commercialisée en 2015. Les ordinateurs Pavilion 15 P sont connus pour être difficiles à réparer.

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HP pavilion disk dive scews

Hi, i have a hp pavilion and im trying to upgrade the hdd to a ssd but ive got stuck trying the remove the screws just above the disk drive it seems to be a very small Crosshead/phillips screw does anyone have the screwdriver size

many thanks


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Look very closely at the screw heads. Are you sure they're not Torx (6-pointed star)? Press very hard on the screwdriver - if it slips you'll damage the screw head and then it may be almost impossible to remove.


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The laptop uses Phillips #00 screws like every other PC laptop I’ve worked on - but there are multiple lengths that were used. If this is your first run working on the laptop, you really need to sort the screws. I didn’t bother in the guide because I know where they go and have dealt with enough HP machines to know.

In order to get to the hard drive, the ENTIRE laptop needs to be taken apart. I have a guide up for this, but there are multiple reports of a specific variation in the battery bay I never had to deal with where there are two extra screws that need to be removed if yours isn't an “exact match”. No other differences have been reported so far.

Once you remove the palmrest, the hard drive is able to come out without additional screws. The issue on this laptop is how annoying it is to replace. The guide can be found here.

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i dont have the driver specification, but if it IS a phillips head, then you will likely be looking at Ph000, or Ph00. These are the most common small phillips to use in electronics.

i would suggest purchasing a precision toolkit before attempting any electronics repairs. All toolkits will include these two sizes.

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