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Power on - no display but HDD is running


When my MBK 2007 is turned on, there's no display on the screen but I noticed there's some sounds on the HDD. It persisted for few days and finally worked as usual today. After I turned it off, and turned it back on after few hours, the same problem occurs.

The thing is, when it was working normal for the few hours, the display looks perfect, and everything else seems normal. So I'm not sure if the problem could be due to other parts except for HDD and display?

Appreciate the help.

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Sounds heat related. To try to isolate the problem, hook it up to an external monitor and see if the picture goes out on both. Hold a flashlight at an angle to the screen and see if you can see the desktop. See if moving the LCD makes any changes.

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I don't think, it's heat related cause the PO mentioned it happens on cold boot. Maybe a cabling or graphics card issue?


Thanks, Maj. - I've reread your question several times and am still not sure if this is happening on a cold boot. Would you confirm. A cold boot would be after it's been shut down for a couple of hours.


Hi Both, thanks for the input and yes, it was cold boot.


Did you get any answers from the other tests?


Well i'm trying to get the tools so i can pry open my machine to check on the cabling...i hope it's only cabling problem so i dont need to get a new machine..


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