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Repair guides and support for BLU Advance 5.0, a budget-friendly smartphone released December 2015 from BLU.

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Can't connect to voice network

I have the BLU Advance 5.0 HD dual-SIM handset. I've put two Koodo (runs on Telus) SIMs in it. One is on a voice-only plan, the other is on a data-only plan.

I told the phone to use SIM 1 for calls and texts, and SIM 2 for data. The data seems to be working but when I try to make a call I get "Celullar network not available".

If I go to Settings > More > Celullar networks > Network Operators > Search networks, for SIM 1 (voice & text), I only get "EXT 2G", while for SIM 2 (data) I get "Koodo 3G", "302520 3G", "302500 3G", "Bell 3G", EXT 3G", WIND 3G".

Am I doing something wrong? I can I get voice working on this handset?



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I found the answer: the handset has only 1 3G antenna (+1 2G antenna) so if you use 2 SIMs, one is on 3G and one is on 2G. Koodo never supported 2G (and I think AT&T has dropped it, though TMobile is still hanging in there), so voice will never work if there's another SIM set for data.


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