How to fix an LCD that won’t flip orientation?

This issue appeared after a few months of ownership.

The LCD is supposed to flip its orientation when folded out and physically rotated (for selfie mode or when folded back into the camera body to face out). However, now the display does not flip its orientation when physically rotated. It still works, but when rotated back into the body of the camera, the screen, including images and menus are upside down.

This seems to be quite common for the T6i, as well as other canon models such as the 60D. I’ve done some searching online, and a friend with the same camera has this issue as well.

My question is how do iFixit? My guess is there’s a sensor in the hinge that’s malfunctioning. It looks like the hinge mechanism can be accessed separately from the LCD and the main body of the camera. Has anyone successfully fixed this at home?

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