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Kyocera's Hydro Vibe is a waterproof touch screen phone with a 4.5inch impact-resistant screen and Smart Sonic receiver technology

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Kyocera Duraforce Pro USB Charging Question

Kyocera Duraforce Pro USB Charging Question

I have three of these phones.

I just replaced the screen on one using a screen from a phone with a blacklisted ESN.

I put he cracked screen on the bad ESN main board and it works even with the cracked screen.

Here is my question.....

All three phones charge wirelessly.

Two of the phone will charge with any USB charger I use.

The third phone will not charge with any charger I have. Including a Q2 rated charger.

I get an error message stating that I must use the original charger. Which I do not have.

I suspect this is either a firmware or a hardware related situation.

Does anyone have an idea if this can be changed.

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Ok.... Problem Solved

I decided to swap out the USB charging port to see if this was the problem.

Turns out that it was. The phone would see voltage but apparently one of the data lines on the USB connector was bad. Charger and phone could not communicate.

Block Image

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Anybody finding anything other than used parts to replace this port?


I can also only find used parts. Anyone have a time estimate on the charge port replacement?


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