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Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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My passport not appearing in Windows explorer, fails initializing.

My passport does not get detected. I tried to do the following but no success.

1. Install drivers from WD website --> drivers installation successful --> HDD not detected

2. Check the drive in Disk management --> Disk initialization failure --> I/O issue

3. Check the drive on Ubuntu --> Drive is listed in ls command --> drive space details are available --> cannot access the data

4. Use the PCB from another 'My passport'--> with faulty disk unit --> still drive not detecting.

Can anyone support me to resolve the issue? For me, the data is very important and needs to be recovered.



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Hi @gautu ,

This link may be of some interest to you.

WD my passport ultra 2TB is not showing up on explorer..

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So there is a firmware update for the drive to solve this!

Clearly a strange issue! That a partial insertion of the USB plug would make the difference. WD Software & Downloads


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I would put the drive in another enclosure and give it a try.

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Hello Mayer,

I tried to use the controller board (PCB) of another HDD of the same model. But still, it doesn't get detected.


No, pull the drive and put it in another external box.


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Sounds like the disk its self has failed. Best thing here if you need the data is to send the drive off to a data recovery service like DriveSavers

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There are 2 levels of "availability" for drives. If you see the drive but cannot access it, the controller card on the drive is functioning. This does not require actual access to the drive. Think of this as looking into a garage and seeing a car. Yep, its there... No need to know whether or not the car works at this point.

Next is gathering information about the drive. This can be done as that info is often in the controller too. If not, then the "home" position of the drive usually contains this information and can be read. Any additional functions require the drive to actually function (heads move, data read etc.)

From your description, I would guess that the drive has failed and that you are "seeing the car, but not starting it" This is not a failure of the carrier, but of the drive itself. Data recovery is likely the only choice here to save the data.


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