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New HDD installed, computer will not boot up from installed CD

My Asus R503U laptop was contaminated by Microsoft by an update, I think a .net update.

The computer went into a continuous repair loop and will not answer any commands.

I replaced the HDD with a new one and I noticed a difference in the connections, it has the SATA slots and a port (possibly power?) that the other did not. I installed it and powered up the computer.

There seems to be a power on problem as the screen flashes Asus and then goes off. When it does come on, I placed the Windows 7 Pro disk in and it sounds like something is wrong as the disk is being scanned. I get a message to reset and select the proper device to boot from or insert the boot CD and press a key.

Nothing happens. the machine appears to not recognize the CD and does not appear to be reading the new HDD. How can I fix this?

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So, let me see if I can understand your question...

If you have an update error, your previous hard-drive should be working, It just has a file corruption of some sort, I guess.

Furthermore, all SATA connections are the same, the only change in the speed of data transmission, but the data and power connections are the same across the different versions, so, if you could upload pictures of the drive connections your are making?

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The HDD slides into place in the back of the laptop...

The original is stuck in a repair loop and will not allow me to chose any other option so I placed a new HDD in.

I think the laptop is not reading the Windows 7 installer disk, I think either the CD is not being recognized because it asks me to insert a CD to boot from and when I press the key, nothing happens.

I hear the CD drive spinning and it almost sounds like the movable lens is jammed, but on examination it is moving just fine.

I assume the original HDD, being trapped in repair loop, had to be replaced. Does this not reading the disk indicate a failure of the CD drive?


I would say you are trying to run install a Parallel ATA (PATA) drive in the SATA slot as all SATA drives are identical,

Your not booting and all the jazz about the CD/DVD is not recognizing the hard drive, the systems BIOS is probably not set to boot from the optical drive.

Windows 7 will some times do an update and fault out. Google the correct buttons to boot in safe mode for Windows 7 and use the repair functions to revert back to before the update.

Your old hard drive is not only good but has a back up of your operating system you can as a last resort to put back to factory.

Have a friend put your old HDD in his desktop and browse to recover your pictures and data so you do not loose much.

Wish I had it here, the whole process would take pages to type out,

It would be nice though to have a picture of the porting on the new drive, but I think I am correct,

Good luck Alton


I don't have any friends that can do that.

But, with the new HDD installed, the Windows 7 Pro disk should automatically be installed by the laptop and it is not, indicating possible CD burner damage or failure.

Now the laptop refuses to power up properly so I guess I will just have to bring it in for repairs.


The installation disk won´t run by itself, you need to enter the BIOS utility and set the CD/DVD reader to first in the boot menu, your Asus laptop should go in to BIOS by pressing F2 key when starting up.

It might also have activated the boot menu at start-up, try pressing F12 while starting up and check if you see the CD/DVD boot option.


Yes, I knew that.. and completely forgot which keep was the access button. I was pressing the wrong key. I feel so stupid. I should have asked what F key on that laptop would have brought me to the BIOS page... Thanks everyone for your help.


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Go to bios

Advanc boot

Make the choice uefi to csm

Go to security make secure boot disable


And try to install windows.

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