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Support and repair information for Beats Solo3 headphones.

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Why are my headphones not turning on after I have reset them?

After I connected them to the charger and held it for 10 seconds like the Beats website says they still won’t turn on. It could be that I’ve worn them in humidity I have no idea, them not turning on has happened before and it was a simple fix of keeping them inside a while but I’ve done that and they still won’t do it. On top of that they charge, and reset. But they won’t come on please help.

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the thing is, it's a broken cable inside the casing because of a improper construction! the internet is full of dead solo 3 reports!! these headphones are only expensive crap!! have to say it loud and clear: Expensive CRAP!

also they are not usable under a temperature 32F. its ridiculous. sorry to say that, but i had these Headphones myself. consequence never again...

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