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My intel iMac will not boot past white screen

I have tried the usual commands everyone suggests but I get nothing. I used to get the flashing question mark in folder at boot. Then after trying the keyboard combos (Every single one to ever exist it seems) I got this dreaded white screen.

It goes like this:

1. Boot chime

2. White screen (Peripherals don't work)

3. White screen still (Peripherals begin to work, but this is normal as this is how long it would take usually to boot)

4. Peripherals working and white screen. Nothing more

The only thing i get an effect with is the reset of PRAM as it restarts twice like it's meant to. I have files on there I want but no backup (I know I was stupid to not backup) Any suggestions, Any suggestions at all are a huge help so It is greatly appreciated. This is the 2nd week trying to fix it and I am hoping the white screen is an LCD issue but I have no clue. Please don't mention peripherals causing issues as I have tried the apple ones that came with this iMac and I have tried no peripherals at all.

Thanks to those who reply.

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White screen issues in this series are often are a bad GPU.

The best thing here is to access the onboard Diagnostic LED’s to see what they tell us: iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 and 2211 Diagnostic LED's. Once you know let us know so we can get you to the next step here.

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I'm going to get an adaptor for my monitor to see if I still have the white screen. do you know of anyway I can test this without opening my computer and any way That I can recover my files without opening it?


For trying out an external display you'll need a Mini-DVI to HTMI or VGA adapter. But that won't matter here as the dedicated GPU feeds the external display as well.

As far as gaining access to your files without opening the system you might be able to get your system into Target Disk Mode by holding the T key when you startup the system and then connect a FireWire cable between your system and a second Mac. Basically you're treating your Mac as if it was an external drive to your working Mac.


so would using firewire to usb on a Windows PC work or would it fry my usb port. Or is there another way i can do this as I only own one mac and its the one that's dead :(


Sorry, needs to be another Mac to work. Here's an Apple T/N to explain: How to use target disk mode to move files to another computer and it must be back to back no conversion possible either.

So that puts us back to square one then ;-{ You'll need to take the drive out to gain access to the files. But you still have a problem! As you need to have a means to access them. You'll need to install a driver on your Windows system so it can read the Mac formatted drive: 4 Ways to Read a Mac Formatted Drive in Windows And you'll need either a HD case to hold your drive or a this: Universal Drive Adapter


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I believe this may be a hard drive issue. To test boot from the original system installation disk. Boot up and immediately push the disk all the way in and hold down the C key.

Installation d'un SSD dans les iMac Intel 24" EMC 2134 et 2211

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I'm considering buying a mini dvi to hdmi cable adaptor to connect to my monitor. I'm not willing to tear apart my mac. Do you know of any way I can recover my files without pulling apart my iMac?


Will the disk installation and holding down c remove my files? and also I don't have those disks. Would creating a bootable usb flash drive work as well? or will I have to go and buy a disk. As i never backed up anything do you know of anyway do get files off of there thank you


No, it won't touch your files or internal hard drive. We are trying to diagnose your issue right now.


so could i use a usb instead of a disk?


Of course you can


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1st Solution

command + R = white screen > little apple logo > wheel > white screen.

power on + shift key = white screen > apple logo > white screen.

"command + S" = terminal, where type the commands written above for this, reboot .... restarted with power on + option + N. This will solve this white screen problem. System restarted, Finder, Desktop, etc , etc

2nd Solution

Change your Hard Drive if there will be some firmware issue then it might help you. Or can update your hard disk by visiting their official website and download an iso and burn to CD.

Final Solution If anything doesn't work then visit: Mac Support for instant help

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I'm sorry that didn't make sense if you could explain that a bit more that world help


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