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Le Motorola Moto G4 est le téléphone Moto G de quatrième génération de Motorola. Numéros de modèle XT1625 et XT1622.

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Yellow Triangle on Android Motorola G4

All I get is a yellow triangle with exclamation mark. Have tried to go to reset Factory Settings, but still only get yellow triangle. Local repair facility suggested that I reload OS. Is this possible?

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Just plug In a known good charger. Wait and it will come back to life. DO NOT FACTORY RESET. NO REASON TOO

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You were so right, as my charger came loose from the wall and promptly died after I left home. Started charging when I got back and it rebooted and I'm good to go. At first, I thought your answer was way too simple, to the point I thought it was a dumb answer. I was wrong and you were right. Thanks!


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the yellow triangle is just a general failure on the device. it can be anything really.

follow these steps to enter recovery mode.

from there, you can ractory data OS reload. PLEASE BE ADVISED: this will wipe all of your data on the device. you will lose photos, contact, videos, and any other personal files.

if this doesnt work, i usually find that this is commonly a battery. however, it can also be a board level issue.

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Scott, sorry but once I select the Recovery Mode, I still get the yellow triangle. I cannot even get a charge on the battery. Someone suggested that this indicates corrupted OS. Can the OS be re-installed on these phones.


should be able to force load the OS through ADB

this is a generic walkthrough on setting it up, but you may need to locate your ROM on the internet.


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