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The Google Pixel is Google's first flagship phone, released on October 20, 2016. The 5-inch AMOLED display device comes with 32 and 128 GB storage options and is available in three colors; Very Silver, Quite Black, and Really Blue.

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My phone freezes on incoming & outgoing calls

Hi everyone! I purchased my google pixel when it was released. However, now it's useless as it freezes whenever i receive or make a call. Phone operates fine till I receive a call and then the phone freezes. It keeps showing the person calling animation and it doesn't go forward nor i can cancel the call. Thr phone completely freezes as soon as someone calls. Speakers and mic dont work. Shutting down the phone is the only option. I don't know what's wrong with the phone. Can't understand whether its the software or hardware.

I've already tried the following things:

1. Resetting and reboot

2. Installation of new software

3. Upgrading to latest os and then downgrading to previous one

4. Going on beta android P

All these things didn't really help. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please let me know.

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Hi Haider,

I have been facing the exact same issue since the last 2 days. I have already done factory reset, side loaded the last OTA update in recovery mode, but the issue is still there. Were you able to fix yours? If so, please help out.

If anyone was able to fix his/her issue, please reach out to me @ Thanks in advance


Same problem, on Android 7, 8, 9, and Q. Uninstalling the phone app only works for a while.


My iPhone 6s got freeze early this morning after upgrading the IOS 12.2 the moment I get incoming call then it’s freeze unless I turn the phone off please help me fixe the problem please it’s sucks me a lot please


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I had the same problem. it would freeze for incoming and outgoing calls.

I did factory reset - problem persisted.

try this.

Go to the Play store, search for “dialer”

Look for the Google dialer app (must be factory one from google already installed)

select uninstall.

when uninstalled, select update.

problem fixed.

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It worked!!! Thank you!


Only worked for a brief time again back to freezing.


Worked for a few minutes then went back to freezing. Very frustrating.


Restart and again installed the updated dialer now it's working, thanks


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Just got off the phone with google and fixed my phone. these are the steps


apps and notifications


clear cache and storage

uninstall updates

play store

my apps and games

download update for the phone

worked for me after that hope this helped

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Thank you! This worked for me :)


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I have cleared cache memory, and data for phone app. Now uninstalled app to the most primitive diaper app from Google and then updated again. Today on 18-jan 2019. Hope this fixed issue.

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You might be testing a beta app. Try removing yourself from beta testing and get the public release version. Hopefully this works!!

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Fixed. I deleted every app on my phone, other than Google apps. It worked just fine after that. Must have been one of the apps my kids downloaded that was hijacking my microphone and freezing the system when I made a call.


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