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iPhone not showing any WiFi networks and "No Service"

I found an iPhone 6s Plus that was completely beat up; screen was missing, parts were broken. So I went ahead and began fixing on the phone, replacing parts and such.

Anyway, I got it up in running in the end, but after I reset the phone and tried setting it up it will not show me any WiFi networks whatsoever. In addition to that it only shows "No Service" when I insert a sim-card, even though the sim-card is MY personal one and works perfectly on MY iPhone. So i did some research and found that the iPhone 6s Plus has three Wifi/Cellular antennas:

- iPhone 6s Plus Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Antenna

- iPhone 6s Plus Top Left Wi-Fi Antenna

- iPhone 6s Plus Wi-Fi Diversity Antenna

All of these antennas i replaced with new ones, and still it's does not show me any WiFi networks and only displays "No Service" when I insert a working and active sim-card.

For information purposes the iPhone was found outside. iPhone was missing its screen, some cables were ripped (i replaced all of them), battery was torn (replaced). And also i replaced the entire aluminium housing with a new one.

If there is any questions you might have concerning this then please dont hesitate to ask. Thanks

UPDATE: iPhone does detect Personal Hotspot-networks, but not WiFi networks.

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The actual antennas are embedded in the housing. The antennas that are sold just allow the connection to the logic board in some magical voodoo fashion...RF engineering is hard stuff.

Now two things come to mind here:

  1. This phone was found outside. If you're profile picture is any indication, you appear to live in a dry climate but has this phone been exposed to water? There may be some damage to the RF area on the bottom front of the logic board.
  2. Has the housing sustained any physical damage? The bottom and top area are where the antennas are and if the housing was bent or damaged there, it would affect the radios.

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The profile picture has nothing to do with the climate where i found the phone. It's actually pretty much the opposite. I found the phone in a bush in a humid wet environment. I have replaced the entire iPhone housing with a new one.


Then my concern would be corrosion underneath the shields.


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it could be locked to a certain network and not the same network your on hence no service or it could be an issue with the logic board. in the keypad dial *#06# to see if it shows an imei, also check the imei number on an imei checking site as it could be blacklisted or reported lost or stolen

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The iPhone was bought at the same carrier as the sim-card i inserted and I have double checked with the carrier that the phone is not blacklisted.


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