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Why won't turn on? (Power cable at mother board)

My computer was experiencing kernel panics very often, so I disassembled it. There was no dust. When I assembled it, it didn't turn on. Caps Lock lamp lights, so there is a working power source. Maybe it's because of power button? Connector is connected to socked, but...

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If it's right that you're dealing with a 12" PB, doublecheck the powerbutton cable on the left side of the computer. Is it plugged in properly. You might want to check it with an ohmmeter to see if the button is switching.

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I checked over 9000 times, if it's the red-black pair. Ohmmeter? Ok, will check. P.S. Could the button be broken during disassembling?


Rather unlikely but still possible - just check it.


Well, the trouble was in RAM case. When I screwed screws there, it didn't work. When I unscrewed it, it work.


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