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Are ifixit replacement batteries better then say battery from eBay?

I really don’t mind paying extra for a better product. However, I can’t tell if these batteries are actually better quality or pretty much the same as eBay batteries with a fancier packaging.

Where are the battery sourced from and what guarantees that I have the battery will perform better then say batteries on eBay/Amazon that are sell for like $15?

Reason I’m not going to Apple is because it’s very inconvenient for me.

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Batteries are already the weakest link in the aftermarket industry. With the recent admission by Apple that they were throttling devices when the battery was weak, there has been a huge global demand for replacement batteries.

I suspect that that with this excessive demand, lower quality batteries are making their way through the supply chain where they otherwise wouldn't. iFixit has a great reputation when it comes to replacement batteries but shipping them can be an issue. They may charge more but you are paying for a vendor that does thorough quality control of their parts and really stands behind them if you ever have any issues.

When you see stuff on Amazon or eBay, you are generally seeing the bottom of the barrel parts. These are the parts that pretty much every other major vendor has refused. Vendors do random checks of available lots and if the defect rate is higher than they'd like to see, they will pass on the lot. It doesn't mean they are all bad though and it doesn't mean there aren't any good parts in those lots.

So yes, you could save money by buying on Amazon. If you have a tight budget or don't want to spend too much on an old phone, by all means order those parts. But there is a very real probability that you will receive a crap part and if you do, you may have a hard time getting an exchange or refund.

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I’m not trying to be cheap or save a few dollars. I’m simply trying to make sure I’m getting what I’m paying “extra” for. I’d head to an Apple store and pay the $30+ tax if it wasn’t a an hour and 45mins drive and I’d have to make an appointment and wait there.

There aren’t many reviews on the longevity on these batteries, and only reviews of the replacement kit and most saying “it works.” If I wanted to save a few bucks, I’d of already purchased one of those cheap batteries on Amazon. But the feedbacks of them are not very appetizing. It’s pretty much the luck of the draw.

I just want to make sure these aren't the same ones and that the source of them are actually different then Amazon/ebay’s.


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YES! Pay the extra money, get a iFixit battery.

I've seen far to many devices totaly ruined from garbage batteries.

I've used multiple iFixit batteries from phones to laptops and have been happy with ALL of them.

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Unfortunately, after doing a little digging, I will wait and see if they will update their battery to make it work with the new Battery Health feature.

[iOS 11.3] Battery Health - Replaced Battery?!

This information should be disclosed on the product page.


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