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Components needed for data recovery (board swapping)

Hi Community!

its been a while since my last post!!

I have a company working with me building some custom data recovery rigs but need some help from some knowledgeable people!!!

I know that to do a proper data recovery on an iPhone 6, the following components need to be transferred all together to another board:

  • U0604 - NAND
  • U0201 - CPU
  • U0301

What i need to know is what on other boards need to remain married to get a working phone??

Need for all iPhones from 5 and up.


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hi buddy

there are 4 components that you need to swap over to another board for data recovery

1. you need to ensure the donor board is fully working, most people use icloud boards which are guaranteed to be fully working but are activation locked

2. you need the nand, baseband, cpu and eeprom for all iphones except iphone 7 and 7 plus which should boot with the replacement boards baseband

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So 'just' for data recovery, the baseband is also needed? Keep in mind that i dont plan to rebuild boards, just need to know which components need to come off in order to successfully boot the board enough to recover data


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