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Repair guides and support for the 3rd generation of Chevy G-Series vans. Similar vans were produced under the GMC brand. Both used suspension and steering parts from GM's C-series pickup trucks.

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Battery dead in 4 days

I have a 1992 Chevy van G 20 series. Bought used, previous owner added a stereo with a power booster and some track lighting, but the issue is battery keeps going dead, I disconnected a door switch, found a few loose bolts, alternator isn't the issue have a brand new one. My issue is I ha several groups of wires for lighting for sound system and power booster, everything's off why's my battery God dead after full charge dead in 4 days?

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Thanks and as u mentioned it there is a separate wire that's directly to the battery I'm assuming that this is the relay for the stereo I'm going to disconnect that and charge battery again to see if that's it. Thank you


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Assuming the battery isn't defective something must be drawing power from it when it is off.

The likely source will be the additions from the previous owner. Try disconnecting these and see if it helps. Generally things like stereos should have two power feeds, one from the battery (through a fuse box) and the other from the ignition (acc or accessory). The stereo draws its power from the battery and uses the acc signal to tell it when to turn off. Sometimes people install these incorrectly with the acc wire on the stereo or amplifier connected to the 12v line. Amplifiers also should have a signal line to the stereo to tell it when to turn off, this may also be missing?

Do you have a multimeter?

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