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iPhone 6s Battery Drain Quick

Hi I have a nearly 2 year old iPhone 6s.

Just recently, months ago it started to act up and drain rapidly, the rate at which it drains fluctuates but sometimes it dropped one percent with a few minutes of light usage (browsing the web, Instagram, playing music) but at other times it may drop 5-6% in 2-3 minutes. I just got it replaced by Apple ($29) a few days ago and I’m having the same issue, although less severe. I just used my phone for about 25 minutes by browsing safari and listening to music on the app Musi and it went from 94% to 83% (at the time of posting this).

Here’s what I’ve done:

- replaced the battery (81% capacity now 100%)

- turned off background app refresh

- brightness is a bit below halfway

- push email is off

- hey Siri is off

- Bluetooth and airdrop are off

- up to date at iOS 11.4.1

-location services on but limited to only some apps since I need to use them

- share iPhone analytics off and Limit as tracking on

-fitness tracking off

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It's possible that the replacement battery isn't that good. Unfortunately, with the design capacity showing 100%, I doubt Apple would replace it again for free.

Has your phone been repaired recently? Sometimes partially defective replacement parts like a screen (esp. the backlight) or front camera/sensor flex can cause excessive current draw which increases the battery drain. I would go back to Apple as a first step and see what they can/will do. If they don't change the battery, then you may want to start disconnecting things to see if you can identify a culprit.

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What do you mean when you say “ start disconnecting things to see if you can identify a culprit”? What exactly would I be disconnecting


Sorry, I should have finished my thought process.

I mentioned that sometimes a partially defective component can draw excess current. To identify it, you disconnect one modular component at a time, for example the Front Camera/Sensor Flex and then test battery life. If that doesn't change, then remove the rear camera, then the home button etc...

Always remember to disconnect the battery before disconnecting anything else, keep track of your screws and be gentle. While this is fairly straightforward, it can go sideways very quickly. Check out the repair guides on this site for guidance.


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If multiple batteries are still draining then you'll need to check you Tristar (aka Power IC). Do this by leaving the battery unplugged and connecting a charger to the phone, a working phone will show an Apple logo and boot loop. A phone with a bad Tristar will not do anything when you do this.

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Good point !


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