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Wireless router released October 2007, model number is WGR614v9.

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Why is my router disconnects so often?

Hi people,

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on the following issue:

My router disconnects very often (but very very often - it could be like 10 times a day), and after a few minutes gets back from the deads. While it is disconnected the lights on the router shows that it does not get any data from the ISP.

I replaced the router several times (d-link, then Netgear, then VTech) but this issue keeps repeating.

I replaced my internet service provider, but this still did not resolve this issue.

I have two phone-outputs in my apartment, so I tried both, and also changed the filters, but with no success.

A cable guy came few times and checked the internet box in the street and the phone-line, but even after replacing some parts, this issue still occurs.

I am using VDSL router, which is connected using wifi to 2 laptops, 2 smartphones, and 1 PS4. Internet speed is (assumingly) 100Mbps. The same devices (including the first router) was in my previous apartment but I didn't suffer from all of this back then.

Can anyone suggest what may cause this issue?


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Hi @elikbelik ,

Can you identify which phone outlet socket the cable first connects to when coming in from the street?

If so, disconnect the cable that goes from it to the other phone outlet socket, (remember which wire goes where, take a picture if you have to), so that you only have 1 connection point in the premises.

Connect your modem to that outlet and see if the drop outs still occur.

If they stop, then there is a problem with the wiring between the 2 outlets affecting the line

If it still occurs, get the cable guy to check the cable for any line faults, between the premises and where it connects to the box in the street, as it may be a line fault that is causing the service to go down.

You say filters. Does this mean that you have a phone connected via a filter directly to the line as well?

If so can you hear any "noise" on the line when you pick up and just dial a digit to break the dial tone?

If there is no phone service you don't need filters. If the phone service is a VOIP service and not a POTS (aka PSTN) service you don't need filters either as the phone should be connected to the router


Thanks a lot! I'll ask the cable guy to connect cables to the first outlet, as I don't have permissions to do so.

I don't have any phone at home, and we use the filter just as simple connector because the phone output and the DSL output are not the same.


Hi @elikbelik ,

Try getting a cable that fits between the phone outlet and the modem, as a filter may (stress only may) be causing problems.


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Does aa third party have access to your internet or are you sharing your wifi with anyone?

Is there another IT person sharing your connection?

Is the router admin password locked down?

If all the people you have mentioned have checked the connection then its likely that the router has incorrect settings if this is happening always

If its itermittent then someone is logging in to the router and amendeming the MTU connection settings

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There are no others that use the internet rather than my partner and me.

I control the admin password (I changed it), and I can see at the modem webpage that we are the only ones that are connected.



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I think the problem can be related to two things, first the outlet and the plug, the contact area between them might have some dust or some sort of white/green sand that sticks in the pins, and second if you bought a new device that creates strong magnetic fields then this probably can interfere with your internet.

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