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Released in 2010, the Flip Mino HD is a pocket-sized camcorder with 4 GB and one hour of shooting capacity.

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My Flip MinoHD is not turning on after being in storage for some time.

I have a flip mino HD that refuses to turn on. The lights light up, and the screen sometimes displays a low battery icon. It looks fully working but won't charge!

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I've tried the reset button.


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start by repalcing the battery. It is absolutely conceivable that it is discharged below it’s threshold. Replacing the battery will providwe you with a known-good starting point should further troubleshooting be necessary

Remplacement de la batterie du Flip MinoHD

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These cameras have a major design flaw. The battery charging control circuit is powered by the battery instead of the USB input power. Once the battery voltage falls below 2.8V the battery charging IC will never turn on again, even with the charger plugged in. The only way to recover is to physically remove the battery from the camera and manually charge it before reinstalling it.

If you are using your camera regularly most likely you wont see this issue. If camera is left with discharged battery for a long time (where battery voltage falls below 2.8v) it will pretty much become useless unless you know how to take the battery out, manually charge the battery above 3.3V and reinstall it.

If you ask me CISCO got really screwed by buying “pure digital”, the company who made this camera.

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Greetings, how do you manually charge the battery? Do you have to get a JST 4 pin 1.0mm connector and a 5v charger? If so, the battery has four wires (black, red, yellow, white). Would you connect the the red wire to the "+" of the charger and the black to the "-"? Not sure what the white and yellow wires re for.


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This happened to me after not using the camera for YEARS. I left it plugged in for a day or so and it worked like a charm. Which is a good thing because I’m no good with the dismantling business

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