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High-end Fire OS 5 tablet released by Amazon in 2015. Features a 10.1" HD display and MediaTek quad-core processor.

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Charging port isn't working. How do I correct this?

How do I fix a charging port that's not working? Every charging cord we try doesn't work.

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Hi @bluemiataguy ,

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to check that the USB charge port enclosure is free from dust and lint.

Also check that all the pins are there and that they are straight and parallel with each other.

If there is debris in the port enclosure, use a vacuum cleaner to try and suck it out. DO NOT use a metal pin or probe as you may damage the pins or possibly the internal components. If you have to, gently use a wooden toothpick to pry any debris out.

If the port seems to be OK, it may be that it is loose on the systemboard.

The tablet will need to be opened and the port inspected to see if this is the case.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Amazon Fire HD 10 (5th Gen) repair guides, which may be of some help.

Use the motherboard guide to see how to open the tablet and then find and check the USB charge port to see if it is loose.

If it is loose, then use the USB charging port guide to see how to remove/replace the USB connector.

You will need SMD (surface mounted device) soldering tools and expertise to effect the repair.

If it is not loose then the problem will have to be further investigated as to the cause

If this seems all to daunting, contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote to repair the tablet.

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