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MBPro starts but screen dead


When I press the start button on my MBPro I hear fans, DVD, HDD rev up and power led behaves as it should, but that's it. I hear no startup chime and the screen doesn't activate at all. I have tried SMC reset, I have tried to start it with power adapter only (adapter is working, I use it on my other MB) and I have checked that the RAM is mounted correctly. I removed the hard drive and connected it to my other MB and it works correctly, so luckily I can do a back up of it. Do any of you have any suggestions what I could try next?



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Try Hooking it up to an external display. See if you get anything. If not then reset the Pram, when its starting up press ( option-command-p-r) Until you hear two beeps. If that still doesn't work try removing one stick of ram it could be corrupt (but highly unlikely).

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I'll give it a try. Thanks!


No luck :-( External display doesn't react at all, PRAM reset did nothing and I tried with a couple of other RAM sticks that I know are working.


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