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The Porsche Design USB-C Hard Drive is a data storage device released in January 2016 as a collaboration between LaCie and Porsche Design.

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Opening the Drive and Don't Say Impossible Unless You Tried It

Has anyone actually attempted to open this drive? Please only say it can't be done because you actually tried it.

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I'm not sure what the accepted answer is talking about, but the 4GB version has 18 clips and no hooks. Here are some pics to let you know what you're dealing with here.




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Step 1: Disconnect the power cable and USB cable first ofcourse and wipe off any dust that might have accumulated on the case. It might get into the HDD later.

Step 2: The Achilles heel of this case is at the front side (where the LED blinks). With the case turned on its back, stick a small, flat, narrow but strong knife or similar tool inside. There are two latches that will unlock. Do them one by one. You might need to try a few times to get it right but it came off pretty easily for me. After this step, its pretty much smooth sailing.

Step 3: Turn the case back up now. The top of the case has two hooks at the back too so be careful while you remove it. The back hooks are pretty close to the circuit board. The top cover of the case (the only part that is actually made aluminium) will come off freely now and can be kept aside.

Step 4: Turn the case on its back again. You will see two rubber strips on the long sides of the case. You need to remove them. It will be hard because they are glued on pretty tight. You might need to use a thin sharp blade to get under it but once you've lifted it, it WILL peel off with some effort. You can always glue it back on later if you want to.

Step 5: Once you've removed the rubber strips, you'll see 4 screws that you need to remove. They will come off pretty easily. These are what secure the the drive to the case.

Step 6: With the screws removed, carefully turn the case back up again. Time to free the hard drive from its cage. At this point, the hard drive is still docked to the circuit board at the back. You will notice that there is some space between the hard drive and the front of the case. Gently push the drive towards this front part and it will come free from the circuit board. You can now easily lift and remove the hard disk.

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Do you happen to know what brand/speed of drive is used in it?


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Step by Step, how to open Lacie Porsche design 8TB hard disk

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