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iPhone 8 plus front camera not working in FaceTime

I replaced the screen on an iPhone 8 plus that was badly damaged. The front camera and rear camera didn’t work. It was believed to be run over. The body is in great shape and the back is not cracked. I replaced the front camera and every app works except FaceTime for the front camera. Snapchat, Facebook Video, Apple’s camera app etc. work. Any ideas outside of restoring the phone? I don’t have the phone in front of me, so it’s hard to do a lot of troubleshooting.

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Hi Brian. It’s hard to imagine that any board-level problem would impede functionality for only one App…unless this one App is an Apple App :>). I looked at the schematic and there is nothing different in this model from the previous models. The lines controlling the camera are essentially power lines, I2C lines and data lines. If the camera works, it should work with every App.

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Ok, so at this point it has to be a software issue. Im going to ask the customer to restore their iPhone (reluctantly).


I found out that if the rear camera isn't working, facetime wont work or at-least in this case it wont. I replaced the rear camera and facetime works now.


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